Approved Municipal Ordinances for Northfield, Vermont

Below is list of approved ordinances for the Town of Northfield.  Please click on the highlighted text to download the ordinance (Adobe PDF format).

Conflict of Interest
(Approved March 27, 2001)

Control of Litter
(Approved March 27,2001)

Disorderly Conduct
(Approved February 25, 2002)

Animal Control
(Approved August 18, 2003)

Highway Access
(Approved September 22, 2008)

Regulating the Use of Public and Private Sewerage Systems

(Approved June 28, 2004; amended January 10, 2017)


Town Traffic Ordinance 2014

(Approved October 28, 2014)


Regulation of ATV Use on Town Highways

(Approved February 24, 2015)


Variable Rate Pricing for Municipal Solid Waste Collection

(Approved August 25, 2015)


Town Parks Ordinance

(Approved March 27, 2018)