Highway Department,

Town of Northfield



Highway Foreman:

Trent Tucker















Highway Foreman

Trent Tucker

Info Number:






Physical Location:

Northfield Town Garage

31 Dog River Drive

Northfield, Vermont

Mailing Address:  

Northfield Municipal Bldg.

51 South Main Street

Northfield, Vermont 05663


Northfield Town Garage, 31 Dog River Drive, Northfield, Vermont

The Northfield Highway crew is dedicated to year-round highway work.  We are responsible for eighty (80) miles of road and forty-five (45) bridges, eight hundred (800) culverts, guard rails, signs and a host of other duties.

The Highway Department has dump trucks with 300 horse power to plow, sand and gravel; a power grader with 250 horses; chain saws; tree chippers; sidewalk plows; one ton trucks with plows and dump bodies; powerful loaders; backhoes; and a host of other motorized equipment.  All of this assists the crew in making the operation as efficient as possible.






















Attached here is the final contract between the Town of Northfield and Limlaw Chipping & Clearing for the cutting of trees within the Town's right-of-way. Attached here is the  letter sent to affected property owners prior to the removal of trees.

The key features in the contract are that it allows the Town to halt work on the project and terminate the contract if the contractor is not following or meeting the Town’s expectations. In addition, the contract states the Town will designate the areas for cutting and will mark the trees for removal. Also, the contract is for a four-month period and thus will need to be reapproved should the Town wish to have Limlaw do additional road tree cutting in future years. These provisions were added in response to concerns raised at Select Board meetings. In addition, the Town enlisted the assistance of Northfield Tree Warden Russ Barrett in marking trees for cutting. The process will involve the Highway Foreman and Mr. Barrett reviewing areas for cutting. Once the areas are designated and the trees are marked for cutting, they will walk the properties with the property owners and get a sign–off. At several Select Board meetings last summer, members of the public mentioned a concern that the project will require a municipal stormwater permit and may raise issues with the Clean Water Act.  Please note that municipal storm water permits are not currently required for road work. In addition, it does not appears that future municipal stormwater permits would be required for this type of work as it does not involve excavation or major soil disturbance. Also, because it is road maintenance and does not involve major soil disturbance, it does not raise issues with Clean Water Act.